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  • Adoreness : Gift. Level 1: Awe, Level 2: Fear, Level 3: Love. Only Charms have access to this Gift.

  • Animalness: Gift. Level 1: Whisperer. Level 2: Summon. Level 3: Possess. Only Sights have access to this Gift.

  • Artifax: Rare objects with special powers. Childaar policy requires that if found, they must be recovered and placed in museums for safekeeping.

  • Awakening: The time when a Kinedaar child becomes a young vampire. Newly Awakened Childaar develop physical and mental capacities which reach the upper limits of human achievement. Over time they develop Gifts. They also gain the ability to see and track the Suffering. The Awakening process completes within a week.

  • Charm: One of the six Childaar Dynasties. Charms have access to the Adoreness, Speedness, and Tuffness Gifts.

  • Childaar: A young vampire.

  • Dynasty: Each Childaar belongs to one of six Dynasties: Charm, Hardy, Quick, Sight, Sovereign, and Smart. A Childaar’s Dynasty determines which Gifts they have. 

  • Eldaar: Vampires who were once Childaar but skipped their Sleepining. Eldaar receive Dark Gifts and are evil. They must drink the blood of Kinedaar for sustenance.

  • Ennui: Kinedaar who were once young vampires but underwent the Sleepining. They tend to have a love for nature

  • Formness: Gift. Level 1: Claws. Level 2: Dirt Sleep. Level 3: Transform (bat, mist, wolf). Only Hardys have access to this Gift

  • Gifts: Young vampire powers: Adoreness, Animalness, Formness, Hideness, Mindness, Powness, Psiness, Seeingness, Speedness, Tuffness, Upness, and Wizardness. Each Gift has 3 levels. The longer a Childaar has a Gift from a level, the stronger it is.  For example, a Sovereign who develops Jump at ten years old will be able to jump further than if they had developed it at sixteen. Similarly, martial arts are stronger the longer they are practiced.

  • Hardy: One of the six Childaar Dynasties. Hardys have access to the Formness, Powness, and Tuffness Gifts.

  • Hideness: Gift. Level 1: Unnoticeable. Level 2: Stranger. Level 3: Cloak. Quicks and Sights have access to this Gift.

  • Kinedaar:  Normal humans. Adult Kinedaar rationalize away and forget supernatural activities. Child Kinedaar see and remember supernatural activities. The younger they are, the clearer their memories.

  • Mindness: Gift. Level 1: Suggest. Level 2: Command. Level 3: Memory. Smarts and Sovereigns have access to this Gift 

  • Missions: An encounter in which young vampires attempt to ease a buildup of Suffering. There are two kinds of missions: Stomps and Operations.

  • Op: A mission in which a situation must be resolved in order to ease the Suffering. Young vampires must be careful to not draw unwanted attention during an Operation or the Suffering pops and they fail.

  • Orakles: A group of young vampires with Scry who organize Childaar around the world by assigning them to teams and placing them in various cities.

  • Powness: Gift. All Childaar have access to basic Powness, which gives them Brawn. Level 1: Might. Level 2: Impact. Level 3: Onslaught. Hardys and Sovereigns have access to this Gift.

  • Psiness: Gift. Level 1: Shield. Level 2: Telekinesis. Level 3: Blast. Only Quicks have access to this Gift.

  • Quick: One of the six Childaar Dynasties. Quicks have access to the Hideness, Psiness, and Speedness Gifts.

  • Rogue: Childaar who forsake the social structure as set up by the Orakles. If found, Childaar are expected to bring them back into the fold or force them into an early Sleepining.

  • Seeingness: All Childaar have access to basic Seeingness, which gives them Spot. Gift. Level 1: Perception. Level 2: Telepathy. Level 3: Scry. Sights and Smarts have access to this Gift.

  • Sight: One of the six Childaar Dynasties. Sights have access to the Animalness, Hideness, and Seeingness Gifts.

  • Sleepining: The process of changing from Childaar to Ennui through prolonged exposure to the sun. Childaar must have their Sleepining before their eighteenth birthday or risk becoming Eldaar.

  • Smart: One of the six Childaar Dynasties. Smarts have access to the Mindness, Seeingness, and Wizardness Gifts.

  • Sovereign: One of the six Childaar Dynasties. Sovereigns have access to the Mindness, Powness, and Upness Gifts.

  • Speedness: Gift. All Childaar have access to basic Speedness, which gives them Dash. Level 1: Rapid. Level 2: Swift. Level 3: Bolt. Quicks and Charms have access to this Gift.

  • Stomp: A mission in which young vampires fight monsters to ease the Suffering.  The general rule is that the rarer a monster, the more dangerous it is. At Daybreak, should they fail, the remaining monsters return to the Suffering stronger than before the buildup.

  • The Suffering: An omnipresent force that manifests as a gray and black, wispy, swirling mist or fog. Only Childaar can see the Suffering. Locations such as museums, galleries, libraries, and schools are mostly safe from it. Furthermore, the friends and family of Childaar also have protections.

  • Thraldaar: A vampire that is created by an Eldaar. While not as powerful as their sires, they too have Dark Gifts and derangements.

  • Tomes: Handwritten books of the finest materials, used to store vampire lore. They fade and become forgotten over time.

  • Tuffness: Gift. All Childaar have access to basic Tuffness, which gives them Sturdy. Level 1: Durable. Level 2: Stalwart. Level 3: Indomitable.  Hardys and Charms have access to this Gift.

  • Upness: Gift. Level 1: Jump. Level 2: Glide. Level 3: Fly. Only Sovereigns have access to this Gift.

  • Wizardness: Gift. Level 1: Fire. Level 2: Illusion. Level 3: Time. Only Smarts have access to this Gift.

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