by Mark Francis

Book I of the Young Vampire Chronicles

Bubble Gum and Monsters

Daea is nine years old, loves candy, hates school, and just became a vampire. Awakened into a new world, she is whisked away from her comfortable Los Angeles home to a scenic capital city, where danger and adventure can manifest on any given night.  With supernatural powers, she and her teammates fight monsters and solve mysteries in an ongoing battle against the suffering.

Book II of the Young Vampire Chronicles

The Haunted House

School is out for the summer, and Daea has big plans. She wants to watch movies, attend carnivals, ride her bike, go swimming, and eat lots of candy, but her time is consumed by a city in turmoil. Her team is busy almost every night as they battle the Suffering and search for clues into an ongoing investigation. Amidst all the monsters, mysteries, strangers, and foes, will she find any time for fun?

Book III of the Young Vampire Chronicles

Capital Chaos

Daea has manifested more Gifts than most Childaar her age, but that hasn’t helped with her troubles. School has started, and she’s on thin ice with the new teacher. Her teammates tire of her antics as they battle against the Suffering, which plagues the National Capital Region at extraordinary levels. A legendary villain and his underlings infest the city and are determined to undermine essential institutions. Worst of all, someone she cares about has been kidnapped, and Daea will stop at nothing to rescue her friend. How will this candy-loving girl navigate all these challenges?

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